Online casinos checked for bonuses, security, game quality

Welcome to the world of online gambling

I was asked recently by a friend to give him a list of my favorite online casinos. He had asked me because I`ve been playing online for years, maybe since the very birth of the Internet. I`ve played at good places and I`ve played at bad casinos. I`ve seen sites try to rip me off and steal my money. Over the years, I`ve narrowed down the list of places that I visit on a frequent basis to a small number of reliable sites, where I not only have fun, but can rest assured that my money and personal data are safe. Yes, when I hit a jackpot a few months ago, I got my money very quickly and with no red tape at all.

Here`s the list, and I`m sure you`ll have as much fun playing at these sites as I did. When you`re a happy customer, pass the list on to your friends as well. They`ll thank you for your recommendations, just as you`re bound to thank me. Good luck!

— Jeff Nelson